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Nationsbest Football is proud to offer our new Tackle Tubes for players of all levels

Nationsbest Football is proud to offer Tackle Tubes , the hottest training tool for teaching “Rugby-Stryle” Tackling for football players!

The Tackle Tube develops the skill of correct and safer tackling techniques.

The Tackle Tube is a dynamic tool that facilitates correct tackle positioning and hones judgement and timing. Correct tackling technique is one of the essential core skills for all football rugby players. Having the correct technique increases player safety, which is of paramount importance. This equipment not only builds confidence and makes training fun, hand-eye coordination is improved, body lines and agility increase, resulting in consistently high accuracy rates.

The range of options for tackling from all angles keeps training fresh and enthusiasm high as it simulates real game situations. It also provides a great fitness workout!
Tackle Tube is made from high density energy absorbent foam; the density increases with the size. It is covered with high quality PVC.

It will not deflate or loose its shape.

Offered in three sizes:

Senior Pro


The largest and heaviest Tackle Tube, built to withstand the impact of senior players.

Best suited for: 14 years and up

Weight: 19lbs
Height: 37″
Thickness: 10″
Center hole size: 17″

Price: $325.00



This mid-range Tackle Tube has heavier, denser foam, offering greater resistance for stronger emerging players.

Best suited for: 8 years up to 14 years

Weight: 15lbs
Height: 37″
Thickness: 10″
Center hole size: 17″

Price: $300.00



The lightest Tackle Tube – low density foam allows young players to gain confidence while still enabling more experienced young players to make solid contact.

Best suited for: 7 years and under

Weight: 12lbs
Height: 34″
Thickness: 10″
Center hole size: 17″

Price: $290.00

For Team Orders of 5 or more, contact us at [email protected] or call 540-710-5877.

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